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Our mission is to aggregate the best online courses, coaches and memberships to help prospective students and clients achieve their personal development and career goals.

As a coach or course creator, your purpose lies in sharing your knowledge, expertise, and passion with those who are hungry for growth.

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Lucky and Bold’s readers are motivated, lifelong learners driven by a deep desire for personal and professional development. By joining the Course Library, you connect directly with students looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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Lucky & Bold’s Course Library is a dedicated resource that supports both course creators and learners in conducting research and sharing authentic feedback on the wide and ever-growing assortment of online courses available.

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Our community is made up of ambitious individuals who are eager to invest in their personal and professional growth. Gain direct access to an audience who is motivated and ready to learn from you.

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The Course Library is a directory, not a marketplace. When students find your course, they will be directly linked to your sales page to complete their purchase. Maintain complete control over your course and student experience.

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Let your students vouch for you! Crowdsourced feedback and reviews help establish credibility, influence prospective customers, and identify areas for improvement, to help you enhance your course offerings.

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Lucky and Bold is dedicated to fostering authenticity and expertise. Every course is reviewed and approved by our team, ensuring you’re in good company. By listing your course in the Course Library, you position yourself as a trusted authority in your field.

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