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Fortune favors the

Our mission is to inspire and motivate women to dream big, take aligned action, and unlock their true potential, to design a life they love, on their own terms.

About Lucky & Bold

Lucky and Bold is a crowdsourced review platform for courses, coaches, and personal development programs. 

Founder's Story

Lucky and Bold (the statement, the idea) started with a simple declaration I made during a session with one of my healers last year. I was in my first year of being completely self-employed and struggling to make the moves I needed to make in order to take myself to the next level in my business. While seeking further guidance to help me implement these new bold moves, I found that while there were plenty of coaches and courses that were ready and willing to help (and take my money), there were limited third-party resources in vetting if they were truly a good fit for me and my needs. I wanted to hear authentic, in-depth experiences from clients and not just the best ones the instructor handpicked themselves or incentivized their clients to write.

Selecting the right course, coach, retreat, etc. is an important decision and investment. The right program can be highly transformative and selecting the wrong one can be very costly of your time, goals, and money. Recognizing I wanted this for myself, Lucky and Bold (this website) emerged to offer a space for women to explore the ever-growing collection of course and coaching content, gain insights, read honest and thorough reviews, and share their experiences.

I am based in Boston, Massachusetts where I freelance as a designer. I hold a Bachelor’s degree form Harvard where I studied business, psychology, and media. My other interests include travel, fine dining, photography, reading, and creating fun and helpful corners on the internet.